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Walls and dams for the protection of areas at high risk

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By diverting the water away, adverse consequences in areas at risk are prevented in the event of floods up to design event levels. E.g. the property or parts of the property can be protected by a wall that surrounds the building and keeps running surface water away from it. However, before constructing a wall, investigations have to be carried out to determine whether the diversion of pluvial flood water does not infringe on the rights of third parties and if capacities for retention of water falling directly on the property are big enough. If necessary, additionally water retention measures have to be taken into consideration.

Fields of action Buildings,Settlement areas
Synergies may exist between heavy rain risk management measures and other development goals like environmental protection, health care, and economic performance. Harnessing them requires involvement of different actors, enforcement of exchange between you and them and holistic thinking.

Check out the RAINMAN good practice examples:

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Sabine Scharfe, Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology