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Creation of inundation zones

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The main goal of this group of measures is to enhance the transformational and accumulation effects of existing and re-developing floodplains by terrain modifications like lowering of banks, offset or demolition of flood protection dikes etc. This allows the water to flood the floodplain during the periods of increased discharges.

Fields of action Farmland,Forests,Watercourses
Additionally to flood risk reduction by slowing and storing surface runoff, the measure has medium or high possible benefits for the following biophysical impacts and ecosystem services: Reduce erosion and/or sediment delivery; Create aquatic habitat; Create riparian habitat; Natural biomass production; Biodiversity preservation; Filtration of pollutants; Recreational opportunities; Aesthetic/cultural value; Improve soils; Slow river water; Intercept pollution pathways; Increase evapotranspiration; Increase soil water retention

Check out the RAINMAN good practice examples:

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