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Event and damage documentation; event analysis-image

Event and damage documentation; event analysis

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All pluvial flood events with damages should be documented and analysed regarding causes and impacts. The measure includes the assessment of buildings and infrastructure concerning their usability (e.g. transport routes, water supply, waste water disposal). Collected data are the basis for compensation requests to insurance or public disaster funds (if available). Moreover, lessons learnt can be drawn and measures be planned on the base of an analysis. This contributes to damage reductions at future events. Last but not least, collected data can be used in order to improve the quality of model calculations. Proper damage documentation requires a predefinition of criteria and standards.

Fields of action Farmland,Forests,Watercourses,Risk communication,Emergency management,Buildings,Settlement areas
Synergies may exist between heavy rain risk management measures and other development goals like environmental protection, health care, and economic performance. Harnessing them requires involvement of different actors, enforcement of exchange between you and them and holistic thinking.



Rudolf Hornich, Office of the Styrian Government