Tool risk reduction measures


Multi-functional traffic and parking areas dedicated as thoroughfare for runoff or as temporary inundated retention area

Public and private space such as streets or parking areas, play- and sportsgrounds can be designed for temporarily use as thoroughfare for runoff and/or temporary retention area and thus help to direct and/or slowdown runoff water in case of a heavy rain events. Temporary inundated areas or water squares are open areas in an urban environment which take up urban stormwater (e.g. from roof drainages). The incoming water is filtered first and, after temporal retention of up to 48h, is then delivered to streams or to the sewer system.

Fields of action
Settlement areas
Synergies may exist between heavy rain risk management measures and other development goals like environmental protection, health care, and economic performance. Harnessing them requires involvement of different actors, enforcement of exchange between you and them and holistic thinking.

Check out the RAINMAN good practice examples:

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Sabine Scharfe, Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology