Tool risk reduction measures


Constructions for sediment and debris retention, (sediment capture ponds, wooden rakes, trash racks)

Sand and bedload traps are technical installations which are located instream or as bypass to water courses. In the event of flooding, they slow down the speed of the water and lead to controlled sedimentation of transported material. To prevent debris and timber from blocking water courses in forests and on agricultural land, wooden or metal rakes can also be installed in streams to retain carried material. Inlet rakes / trash racks are steel structures that prevent inlets to drainage systems from being clogged by debris. Such constructions are normally used near populated areas. All sediment and debris retention systems require constant inspection and maintenance.

Fields of action
Watercourses, Settlement areas, Forests, Farmland
Synergies may exist between heavy rain risk management measures and other development goals like environmental protection, health care, and economic performance. Harnessing them requires involvement of different actors, enforcement of exchange between you and them and holistic thinking.



Sabine Scharfe, Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology