Tool risk reduction measures


Development and implementation of effective emergency response plans, keeping them up-to-date

Effective and periodically updated emergency response plans for the case of flooding caused by heavy rainfall help civil protection units to get a quick overview on measures to be taken and also on their priorisation. They are an important part of disaster control planning and need to be set up by responsible institutions (e.g. in Germany and Austria: municipalities; if necessary also companies). Emergency response plans need to be updated regularly to reflect changes of e.g. hazardous situations and risk exposure, changes in warning systems, in responsibilities, available resources (material, staff) and contact details.

Fields of action
Settlement areas, Emergency management, Buildings
Synergies may exist between heavy rain risk management measures and other development goals like environmental protection, health care, and economic performance. Harnessing them requires involvement of different actors, enforcement of exchange between you and them and holistic thinking.



Raimund Adelwöhrer, Office of the Styrian Government